Migrate Zimbra from Fedora to Centos

Migrate Zimbra from Fedora to Centos

Migrate Zimbra from Fedora to Centos 150 150 Roderick Derks


The old mail server should run the same version of Zimbra you are going to use on the new server. If not then upgrade the old server to that version.



Create a virtual machine on ESX 4 or 5 using the SCSI LSI Logic Parallel driver. Install Centos 6.2 with a minimal install using kickstart and PXE boot.

chkconfig postfix off
service postfix stop

chkconfig iptables off
service iptables stop

chkconfig ip6tables off
service ip6tables stop

# install vmware tools
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt
cd /tmp; tar xvzf /mnt/
tar xvzf /mnt/VMwareTools-8.6.0-425873.tar.gz
cd vmware-tools-distrib/

yum install perl libstdc++.i686 -y

yum install fetchmail sysstat nc rsync -y

To prevent postfix error: 451 4.5.0 Error in processing, id=08434-01, parts_decode_ext FAILED: Unix utility file(1) not available, but is needed at (eval 102) line 110, <GEN17> line 63. (in reply to end of DATA command))

yum install file -y

scp root@old_mail_server:/etc/fetchmailrc /etc/

Add the host and the host.domain name to the /etc/hosts.conf file

yum install ntp -y
scp root@old_mail_server:/etc/ntp.conf /etc/ntp.conf
ntpdate nl.pool.ntp.org
service ntpd start
chkconfig --level 345 ntpd on


Install Zimbra on new server

Perform a clean install of the same version of Zimbra as you had on the old server, on the new server (with the new server as the default hostname??? TESTING THIS, WANT IT TO BE THE SAME)

cd /tmp; wget http://files2.zimbra.com/downloads/7.2.0_GA/zcs-7.2.0_GA_2669.RHEL6_64.20120410002025.tgz

Run visudo to temporarily comment the “Defaults    requiretty” line
If not you’ll get prompts during installation saying “sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo”

Obsolete: To prevent messages about the missing libstdc++.so.6 library:
cp /usr/lib64/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6

tar -xzvf zcs-7.2.0_GA_2669.RHEL6_64.20120410002025.tgz
cd zcs-7.1.1_GA_3196.RHEL6_64.20110527010625
./install.sh --platform-override --skip-activation-check

Copy my backup scripts from the old mail server:
mkdir /opt/zimbra/rict_scripts
rsync -avu root@old_mail_server:/opt/zimbra/rict_scripts/ /opt/zimbra/rict_scripts

As user zimbra set some parameters to improve performance:

su - zimbra
zmlocalconfig -e zmmtaconfig_interval=6000
zmprov mcf zimbraLogRawLifetime 7d
zmprov mcf zimbraLogSummaryLifetime 30d

su - zimbra
crontab -e
*/60 * * * * /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmstatuslog

I stopped the logging process:

$ su - zimbra
$ zmprov ms fill_in_your_hostname -zimbraServiceEnabled logger

Then as the root user edit /etc/logrotate.d/zimbra and comment out all logger related start / reload commands e.g.

# su - zimbra -c "/opt/zimbra/bin/zmswatchctl restart" > /dev/null 2>&1 || true
# su - zimbra -c "/opt/zimbra/bin/zmlogswatchctl start"

As zimbra user:
su - zimbra
zmconfigdctl stop
zmconfigdctl status


Migrate data

Backup the LDAP config database and the LDAP data on old server:
su - zimbra
/opt/zimbra/libexec/zmslapcat -c /tmp
/opt/zimbra/libexec/zmslapcat /tmp

Copy the zimbra installation of the old server to the new one:
mkdir -p /opt/zimbra.old
rsync -avHS root@old_mail_server:/opt/zimbra/ /opt/zimbra.old/

Shut down zimbra on the new server:

service zimbra stop

On the old server shutdown Zimbra and change the hostname and IP address to something else. Do not turn off the server.

Copy the data and config from your old server over the relevant directories on the new server (as root):
cd /opt/zimbra
mkdir /tmp/zimbra-orig-backup
mv conf data db index logger postfix-*/conf redolog store /var/tmp/
for f in conf data db index logger postfix-*/conf redolog store ; do mv /opt/zimbra.old/$f/ $f/ ; done
rm data/postfix/spool/pid/master.pid

Edit /opt/zimbra/conf/localconfig.xml to update the following with the values from the localconfig.xml file on the old server:

 a. zimbra_mysql_password
 b. mysql_root_password
 c. zimbra_logger_mysql_password (Note: Transfer/copy this value to the new server only if available from the old server.)
 d. mailboxd_keystore_password (Note: Transfer/copy this value to the new server only if available from the old server.)
 e. mailboxd_truststore_password
 f. mailboxd_keystore_base_password
 g. zimbra_ldap_password
 h. ldap_root_password
 i. ldap_postfix_password
 j. ldap_amavis_password
 k. ldap_nginx_password
 l. ldap_replication_password

As root fix permissions:

This is now a version of Zimbra for your new operating system, with your old operating system’s data, that thinks it’s still the old hostname

Startup ldap as zimbra:
su - zimbra
ldap start

Change the hostname with zmsetservername -n $newserver following ZmSetServerName instructions to see if there are any other values that need changing. (You should also search for IP addresses like zimbraMtaMyNetworks etc)

Restart zimbra on the new server
zmcontrol restart

Check that everything starts up OK by watching /var/log/zimbra.log. If not debug, rinse and repeat






vi /etc/sysconfig/network

vi /etc/hosts    ventoux.r71.nl ventoux

hostname ventoux.r71.nl

service network restart

yum install bind-utils nc sysstat -y


cd /tmp/zcs
./install.sh --platform-override --skip-activation-check

*** not finished yet!! ***

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